What do you get for the R2People in your life? R2P merch, of course! Choose from a variety of goodies for birthdays, holidays, performance congratulatory gifts, or just be cause. FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. or pick up at the R2P office at the Just Be Cause Center (1013 West State St., Ithaca – directions) for a 20% discount!


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Show some R2Pride! Great for bumpers, water bottles, etc.
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SPORT BAG: $10 / $8
Schlep your gear in style. Just the right size for a script, score, some pencils, and jazz shoes.
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CERAMIC MUG: $15 / $12
Get ready for 12oz of the kind of deliciousness only a limited edition R2P ceramic mug can provide.
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So cool, they're hot! Your future's so bright, you gotta wear shades (to protect those peepers from UV).
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WINTER CAP: $10 / $8
Sooner or later, winter is coming. Then again, you're so cool, you can get away with this fleece cap any time of year.
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BASEBALL CAP: $20 / $16
Sporty theatre people? You better believe it can happen. And with this one-size-fits-all cap with the really nice embroidered logo, you'll be ready.
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There's a HUGE assortment of show-shirts, sweatshirts, messenger bags, footie pajamas, and so much more at our virtual shop on You can get nearly infinite combinations of colors, sizes, styles, etc. – much more than we could ever make in advance. This way, you get whatever you want, whenever you want it, and CafePress will ship it right to you. CafePress controls the prices, and R2P doesn't really make anything from the sales, but we're thrilled to be able to offer these goodies to you! We love seeing them at rehearsals and all over – enjoy!
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