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Are you or someone you know in grades 6-12? Do you think making new friends and putting on shows sounds like a pretty good time? (Spoiler alert: It is.) There's a place for you in R2P! It's doesn't cost a penny to participate, but you do need to audition. (Don't worry – it's fun, easy, and we take everyone!)
If you are new to R2P, please read the information on this page carefully. It will answer many of the questions you may have. If you have other questions, concerns, etc. about any of it, don't hesitate to get in touch!


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  • What is Running to Places Theatre Company?
    Running to Places (R2P) is a youth community theatre company that brings together middle & high school students from across the area. We're in the business of youth development, helping raise our community's children and making excellent theatre in the process. As stated in our Mission Statement, “R2P is a youth theatre company, fostering a safe and supportive community which provides opportunities for the development of life skills to all interested youth through theatre.” Put another way, this is a place for you to come do theatre and make an artistic and social home for yourself if you like.
  • Does R2P welcome EVERYONE to audition? Is R2P committed to casting consciously? Does R2P value cultivating a diverse company in terms of race, ethnicity, gender expression, religious identity, ability, and celebrating each other onstage and off?

    Click here for R2P’s Diversity Policy, adopted by our Board of Directors (Sept 2019)
  • Is participation 100% entirely FREE?
    YES! Once upon a time there was a fee for participation, but not anymore. Participation in R2P is entirely FREE! As an organization, we have dedicated ourselves to our founding principle of universal accessibility and torn down all financial barriers to entry.

    This is possible thanks to our generous sponsors and donors. While there is no participation fee, we depend on the generosity of our community – friends as well as strangers. We also ask that families who are able to make a donation to R2P consider doing so.
  • How do I become a part of all this?
    If you’re looking to be onstage, it takes auditioning; if you’re interested in working on other aspects of the production, it just takes letting us know. We don’t cut anyone and there is no fee to participate. (Although we rely on the generosity of our community to sustain our work, so donations are gratefully accepted).
  • What will I get out of it?
    Working in theatre will give you skills and experiences in areas that you’ll benefit from your whole life including:
    • Self-confidence
    • Self-expression
    • Working under pressure with a deadline you can’t move
    • Taking and assimilating direction quickly and gracefully
    • Improvising when the unexpected (inevitably) happens
    • Poise speaking in front of others
    • Time management and self-discipline
    • Valuing your contributions as an individual and to a team

    Not to mention:
    • Possibly making the best friends of your life
    • Surrounding yourself with a supportive community that will celebrate you being you!

    If you go on to pursue theatre, you’ll have training in acting, singing, dancing, plus an understanding of best-practices for the industry; if you are doing it just to have a lot of fun, you’ll get that, too!
  • What does it take to join?
    First thing you have to do is just show up! Walking in the door or submitting a video to audition can seem scary at first, but we promise to be the friendliest people you’ll ever audition for. After that, you’ll need to show up as called for rehearsals and, of course, performances. We work fast – rehearsing a show in less time than a typical school show. You’re expected to put in work on your own time memorizing lines, practicing dances, etc. We’ll make sure you have the tools you need to do all that, though.
  • If I audition, am I guaranteed to be cast in something?
    Yes. We don't cut anyone and work hard to find the best match for each person within the season. Everyone is offered a place in at least one performance per season. You don't necessarily get to pick which show you are offered. We do our best to find the place where we feel you will have the most success.
  • How does R2P decide what shows and roles are right for me?
    We’ve all been doing this for a long time. We will consider your strengths and the needs of the shows across the season. It's our job to put people in the places we feel they will have the most success, and that might even mean offering you a place in a show that you didn’t expect.
  • Will I need to be at all of the rehearsals?
    Definitely not. We work hard to make sure we use your valuable time well. That means only scheduling people to come to rehearsal when they’ll have something specific to rehearse. We ask you to check your calendars and be available for all rehearsals, as we can’t tell you when we begin what parts we’ll be rehearsing on which days. But as we go along, we build the schedule and will give you as much notice as possible exactly which times you will be called for which days. As you can imagine, juggling a few dozen cast members and their conflicts makes it tricky to build an efficient rehearsal schedule. This is why it’s very important to let us know about your conflicts ahead of time. (You’ll be asked to list them on the audition sign-up form.) We know that life happens and unexpected circumstances come up, but please let us know about things as soon as possible. In return, we promise not to make a habit out of wasting your time by scheduling you to show up for no reason.
  • If I’m not cast in a show I want to be involved in, can I still participate in some way?
    You bet! You’ll have opportunities and invitations to help with sets, costumes, props, stage management, concessions, etc. You're not required to, but ask anyone who has – it’s a ton of fun, and you’ll learn a lot in the process! You can indicate areas of interest when you sign up to audition – but we always cast you first and then look at these areas of interest.
  • What if I am disappointed with the casting?
    Don't envy the people doing the casting. While it's a wonderful job (getting to see and hear courageous young people lay it all on the line is inspiring beyond words), we know that it also means breaking hearts from time to time.

    Paramount for us is putting everyone where they will have the most success. It's not unusual for an ambitious, capable, and brave young first-timer to wonder why they didn't get a lead role or even a callback. Please know this:

    We would never want to make someone happy the day the list comes out, nervous as rehearsals approach, anxious about struggling with the role, scared for the performances, and then sad and regretful after it's all done. We want everyone to succeed, whatever shape that happens to take.
  • How do I decide if I can make the time commitment to a particular show?
    You should be able to attend all or most rehearsals that you are called for, including ALL technical rehearsals and performances, including post-show strike.
  • How do I sign up to audition?
    Next step is to click here to find out everything you need to know about auditioning.