Audition Info

Here’s where you’ll find all the info specific to the audition process. If you’re new to R2P, first of all – WELCOME! And if you haven’t read through the R2P FAQs, check them out. Chances are you’ll find answers to most of your questions. And if you still need to know more, contact us!
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  • Does R2P welcome EVERYONE to audition? Is R2P committed to casting consciously? Does R2P value cultivating a diverse company in terms of race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender expression, religious identity, ability, and celebrating each other onstage and off?

    Click here for R2P’s Diversity Policy, adopted by our Board of Directors (Sept 2019)
  • Any advice for first-timers?
    Show up and you’re in! That's it. Simply walk in the door for the auditions. (Or submit an audition video!)

    But I don't know if I'm good enough!
    You are! You don't have to be perfect. You don't need any experience or special skills. You just need to show up.

    But I'm nervous!
    Understandable. It's okay to be nervous. We promise to be nicer than you are nervous. Just show up.

    But I'm not as prepared for the audition as I should be!
    No worries! You'll get better at all this with some practice – and you will get practice once you're doing shows with us, which you automatically will be no matter how your audition goes as long as you simply… show up. :)
  • How can I learn how to audition?
    It just so happens that we are offering a FREE 4-session audition technique workshop. Every Sunday from May 23-June 13 @ 1-2pm, we will teach you all sorts of tips and tricks to have a better audition experience. You can get more info and sign up right on the R2P homepage.
  • What are the requirements to audition?
    • Be in grades 6 – 12 (or the homeschool equivalent)
    • Email to or turn in a hard-copy of the Required Signature page signed by the participant and a parent/guardian (if you're under 18).
    • Show up – in person or by video.
  • What do the auditions consist of?
    The auditions will consist of singing, acting, and dancing. You have the option of submitting an audition by video or in person.

    The singing and acting will take place during individual 5-minute slots. You will sing roughly 30-60 seconds of a song of your choice (around 16-32 measures) and perform a 30-60 second memorized monologue. You may be asked to sing some scales, and we'll probably chat a little. The dancing will take place in a group. As a group, you will learn a short dance combination suitable for dancers of all levels, rehearse it several times, and then perform it in groups a couple of times for the directors.

    You will record videos of you singing roughly 30-60 seconds of a song of your choice (around 16-32 measures) and perform a 30-60 second memorized monologue. For the dance portion, we will provide a simple, short video of choreography for you to practice on your own and record yourself performing. See below for more information about the dance video. Once you have your videos ready, please email them to “”.
  • If I’m auditioning by video, what should I do?
    You can record your auditions on a phone – no fancy cameras or microphones are needed. Despite what movie aficionados say, shooting vertically is fine. We want to see your whole person head-to-toe while you perform, so make sure it’s not just a close-up of your face. Assuming you don’t have a live pianist to accompany you (most people don’t), you can sing to a YouTube karaoke track. (We don’t want to hear the original singer on the track – just you!)

    Be sure to “slate” at the beginning of your video. That just means introduce yourself and your piece. For example, you might say, “Hi, my name is Corky St. Clair, and this song is called “A Penny for Your Thoughts” from the musical “Red, White, and Blaine.”
  • Is it better to audition in-person or by video?
    The short answer is that it doesn’t matter – as long as you audition! Either way, you will be part of R2P – we take everyone, and no one gets cut.

    Auditioning by video has the advantage of letting you do as many takes as you like. Unlike the in-person auditions, no one will be sitting behind a table watching your audition (which, despite our sincere big smiles, some people find intimidating). Plus, you can rehearse your song with the actual accompaniment that you’ll be performing to, as opposed to a spontaneous duet with a pianist. Some folks find it less scary to audition by video. If that is you, then go for it!

    Auditioning in-person has the advantage of being more informative for the directors you’re auditioning for. After all, we’re trying to learn about how you would be to work with in a live, in-person piece of theatre, so seeing you perform live is helpful to us. We also get the chance to get to know you a little better at an in-person audition. After all, we can chat, ask you questions, answer any of your questions, have you sing some scales to get to know your voice better, etc.

    Bottom line is – we don’t care which way you audition, as long as you do!
  • How can I find audition songs and monologues?
    You can choose songs from musicals (listen to The Best of Broadway on 91.7 WICB every Sunday morning from 10am-12pm for ideas.) or movies. You can find monologues in plays, books, movies or TV shows. The library and the good old interwebs are great places to look. (In case you need a head start looking for materials, we've created a section with songs and monologues that you are welcome to use. There is neither any advantage nor disadvantage to using one of the pieces from the R2P website – we just want to take out as much stress for you as possible.) PRO-TIP: Time your monologue by saying it OUT-LOUD — you'll be surprised how short a paragraph of text it takes to be in that sweet 30-60 second range.
  • How do I learn the dance part of the audition?
    R2P’s own Ms. Harmony has created a short (about 20 seconds long) dance for you to learn. Click here for the YouTube clip of Ms. Harmony demonstrating the whole dance and then the dance broken down step-by-step into easy pieces. Your goal is not to try to do it just like Ms. Harmony – we want to see how YOU do this dance. It doesn't need to be perfect or fancy or polished. We want to see your personality and style. Sing along if you like – or record yourself doing the steps to no music at all as slow or fast as you want. When you're done, email your video to "". (Be sure to say your name at the beginning of the video so we know it's you!) We're not looking for professional dancers – we just want to see how you move and that you are willing to give it a try – and have fun!
  • What COVID protocols will be in place for in-person auditions?
    On the advice of medical professionals we consulted with, we'll be sticking with COVID protocols that follow earlier recommendations that are more conservative than current CDC guidance. All R2P staff have been fully vaccinated, however we will be wearing masks indoors, and ask that those auditioning do the same. This is in recognition of the fact that not everyone eligible to audition is eligible to receive a vaccination at this time. We work with students as young as 11, plus there are those who may be immunocompromised or have other medical reasons that make getting vaccinated not possible. As this is our first foray back into in-person gathering, we are deliberately being extra cautious with the young people we are entrusted with. Anyone auditioning in-person will receive more detailed information about our COVID protocols prior to the audition day.
    Meanwhile, please know:
    • All R2P staff have been fully vaccinated.
    • Everyone is asked to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.
    • There will be at least 12’ between students auditioning and the R2P staff.
    • There will not be an indoor waiting area. Folks should wait in the parking lot and we will call/text to let each person know when we are ready for them to enter.
    • Depending on the number of students signed up to audition in-person, we may hold the dance audition outside the back of the Just Be Cause Center or we may ask students to self-record the dance audition by video separately.
    • We will update these protocols depending on the best available information.

  • What should I bring the day of the audition?
    • A completed and signed hard-copy of the Required Signature page (unless you’ve emailed a completed and signed copy to This includes information like a photo release (so we have permission to take photos of you in the shows) and other legal requirements. You can also have your parent/guardian fill it out the day of audition.
    • Your music for the pianist, clearly marked with the place to “Start” and “Stop” playing.
    • Your monologue if you want to look it over while waiting. You don't need to bring it into the audition itself.
    • A change of clothing and/or shoes for your dance audition, if you wish.
    • Water and perhaps some healthy snacks!
    • NOTE: If you are auditioning by video, you can email your videos to any time between May 23-June 20.
    • ALSO: If you are auditioning in person, please know that all R2P staff involved in the audition have been fully vaccinated. The audition room is very large and well ventilated, and will allow for ample distance.
    • ADDITIONALLY: Masks are allowed during your audition if you wish.
  • Will there be a piano and accompanist? Do I bring a copy of my music?
    Yes, we will provide a piano accompanist. You should bring a copy of the music clearly marked with "Start" and "Stop" at the beginning and end of the part you will be singing. (Literally, write those words on the music so the accompanist knows where to begin and end.) You will have a moment before going in to audition with the accompanist to review your “Start” and “Stop” and discuss the tempo you prefer. If necessary, you may also sing without accompaniment if don't have the music, though an accompanied audition is more informative of what you can do musically, so it's better for both you and us.

    FOR VIDEO AUDITIONS: You may perform to karaoke tracks (like what you find on YouTube) or with live piano if you have access. There is no inherent benefit to either approach – do whatever works best for you!
  • What should I wear for the dance audition?
    You don't necessarily need to wear dance clothes or shoes (although you are encouraged to if you have them), but you should be able to move comfortably. Jeans, boots, short skirts, and excessive jewelry are not recommended. You will also have time to change between your audition slot and the dance audition, if you wish.
  • Any other tips for my audition?
    You should be prepared to tell us who you are and what your pieces are from. A complete summary of the play or situation isn't necessary. You should put your focus straight out while you speak/sing (so we can see your smiling face), but look over our heads – not right at us. This way, we won't feel like we need to act in the scene with you, and you won't be distracted when we look down to write, "nice job!" or "would be good to play _____."

    FOR VIDEO AUDITIONS: You will need to “slate” at the beginning of your videos – that just means clearly saying your first and last name, as well as the title of the piece you are about to perform.
  • What are callbacks – and what if I don’t receive one at all or for a show I’m interested in?
    Callbacks are another round of auditions in which we have people sing and/or read material for particular roles from shows being cast. A callback for one role might actually serve for several similar roles in a show, so being called back for a particular role doesn’t mean you are auditioning just for that role. If you do not receive a callback it DOES NOT mean you are not cast, or even that you are not cast in a supporting or lead role. We only have so much time for callbacks, and we use it to find out what we don’t yet know and need to figure out in terms of appropriate castings. We also sometimes call people back for a variety of educational reasons, such as gaining the experience of auditioning alongside others. Please do not try to read too much into callbacks – there are lots of reasons why someone is or is not called back for a particular role, or at all.
  • How will the directors remember who everyone is when casting?
    You do not need to bring a headshot or other photograph. We will take a picture when you arrive and video record the audition for our reference when casting later. You will also be given a name tag to fill out and wear. If you are auditioning by video, it’s important to “slate” (introducing yourself and your piece) before you begin.
  • Who will be watching my audition?
    The only folks watching the open audition will be the people involved in working on the shows, like the director, music director, choreographer, and an accompanist. We do not allow friends or relatives to sit in on auditions. The only time other students will be present is during the group dance audition. Callbacks will involve groups of students called for roles.
  • What are you looking for in an audition?
    We'll be looking for you to be audible, interesting, and confident. Even if you're nervous, pretend you're not (it's about acting after all!), and we won't know the difference. You should know who you are talking/singing to and why. What are you trying to convince them of? What effect do you want to have on them by saying this? You should have your songs and monologue memorized. During the dance audition, sure we are interested in dance ability, but also a good attitude, the willingness to learn, and a commitment to trying.
  • Any final audition thoughts?
    Be prepared. (Although more important than being perfectly prepared is simply showing up!) Be well rested and nourished. Arrive in plenty of time to check in with the stage manager at the sign-in table, get your picture taken, turn in required paperwork, relax, get a drink of water, etc. before your audition. And remember, we're rooting for you to do great! We know that auditions can be nerve-wracking. (Believe us, we've done them, too!) Just keep in mind we want to see and hear everyone do well -- we're your biggest fans!
  • When and where are the auditions?
    In-person auditions will be held at the Just Be Cause Center (1013 West State St., Ithaca - directions) on Sunday, June 20 from 1-5pm by appointment. (See below to sign up.) Dance auditions are from 2:45-3:15pm for everyone auditioning in-person.

    If you are auditioning by video, you must email your song, monologue, and dance pieces to by the end of the day on June 20.
  • What do I need to know about the shows covered in these auditions?
    Our 2021 mini-season is designed to segue us back to in-person shows with maximum safety and comfort for our participants and audiences alike:

    SUMMER SHOWCASE (Aug 27 & 28) - A musical concert of Broadway favorites – featuring selections from shows we didn’t get to perform last year, plus many more! This one will be performed outdoors with plenty of room for audiences to find a spot that meets their level of comfort while still enjoying the show.

    YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN (Oct 7-10) - This family favorite features the whole Peanuts gang! Sweet, funny, and heartwarming with wonderful songs like Suppertime, The Kite Song, and Happiness, this show is perfect for every kid and for kids-at-heart.

    SEUSSICAL (Jan 14-16) - Don’t let the winter blues get you down! Just think of the thinks you can think as you laugh along with The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, and your favorite Dr. Seuss characters on a wild adventure – and discover that “a person’s a person, no matter how small!”

    Our thinking was this: start with a simple, modular show that can easily be rehearsed in small groups or virtually if necessary, and then perform it outdoors with audiences able to choose their seating to match their comfort level in crowds. (Let's face it, it's been a while since any of us have been in the audience of anything!) Next, we chose a small cast musical that will be easy to manage rehearsals for from a safety point of view – only 6 cast members that can be spaced apart even if they're not yet vaccinated. Finally, a joyful big cast show for battling the post-holiday blues – it's certainly our hope that by then, our community will be even healthier and more comfortable with gathering together.
  • How do I sign up to audition?
    Regardless of whether you are auditioning by video or in-person, the first thing to do is fill out the long Auditionee Info Form which will cover everything from your contact info to your experience (if any) to your known conflicts and more. Be sure to fill that out BEFORE signing up for an in-person audition time or before you send in your videos. To get started signing up, click here for the Auditionee Info Form.